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Cheap & Best Thailand Tour Packages:

Enjoy fascinating Thailand packages at best price. Call +91 - 7838398058 for booking Thailand Holiday packages for you and the family. You can also book Bangkok Pattaya Tour Packages, cheapest honeymoon trip packages for thailand (Bangkok Pattaya), Budget holiday packages for Thailand from any Indian city such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kerala.

Thailand Holiday Package
Rs. 25,999/-

2 Nights Pattaya | 2 Nights Bangkok

Enthralling Thailand is desperately waiting for you. Avail an attractive Thailand Holiday Package at SHS Holidays at an unbelievable price.

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Unlimited Thailand Package
Rs. 27,999/-

05 Nights | 06 Days

Smart Holiday Shop has introduced an amazing unlimited Thailand tour at an attractive price.

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Fantastic Thailand South India Special
Rs. 27,999/-

04 Nights | 05 Days

Available at a great discount, the Fantastic Thailand South India Special package prepared by Smart Holiday Shop

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Hot Deal
Gateway Of Phuket
Rs. 44,999/-

03 Nights | 04 Days

Get a chance of experiencing the most loved city of Thailand, Phuket through the package offered by a trusted name Smart Holiday Shop.

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Bangkok with Koh Samui
Rs. 45,999/-

05 Nights | 06 Days

It is going to be the best trip ever. The Bangkok with Koh Samui package launched by Smart Holiday Shop

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Krabi Tour Package

04 Nights | 05 Days

Smart Holiday Shop has come up with an outstanding deal with its Krabi Tour Package

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Family Special - Thailand Package Ex-Delhi
Rs. 30,990/-

4 Nights Pattaya | 2 Nights Bangkok

Take full advantage of the luxurious trip offered by Smart Holiday Shop in the form of Family Special – Thailand Package Ex-Delhi deal.

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Thailand Tour Package Ex-Delhi
Rs. 38,999/-

3 Nights Phuket, 2 Nights Pattaya & 2 Nights Bangkok

Thailand has always been a cynosure of travellers. Grab the best opportunity to visit the scintillating Phuket with the Thailand Tour Package Ex-Delhi package offered by Smart Holiday Shop.

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Why Should You Book Thailand Tour Packages?

Thailand – the Land of Smiles has been boasting of spotless beaches, glittering waters, vibrant nightlife, tropical forests, remarkable cuisines and fascinating culture. Shopping malls, ancient temples, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and vibrant pubs as well as nightclubs and lounges will keep you busy in enjoying your holidays for the time to come. The beautiful country in Asia has some wonderful cities like Bangkok (capital city), Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui and different others. Pattaya and Bangkok are the pride of nightlife in Thailand.

Book Affordable Thailand Tour Packages – Get Something in Your Budget from Smart Holiday Shop

We at Smart Holiday Shop keep your budget and requirement in mind and offer you Thailand tour packages in your budget. You have to disclose your preferences and choices and leave rest of the work on us. We will create attractive day to day itineraries for you to let you enjoy the best time of your holidays.

Why Smart Holiday Shop?

We offer what we tell and describe in our itineraries. We have regular contacts with Thailand tour operators and guides who are verified and certified. We have good contacts with luxury hotels, travel agencies, guides, store owners and restaurants to ensure that you will feel a home like environment there. We also offer you 24X7 customer services so that you can feel comfortable all the time.

Boating in Thailand

Thailand is that Southeast Asian country which is blessed with varied landscapes, a rich history and a fascinating culture. Did you thought that the country is limited to tropical beaches, sacred temples and ancient ruins? If yes, then you are wrong, Thailand has a lot more to offer to its lovely guests. It is thanks to the country’s various amazing sightseeing attraction and variety of exciting activities, that Thailand has turned into one of the most visited and popular vacation destinations for tourists across the globe. Another reason which makes Thailand even special is that it provides some of the best boating tours throughout the world.

This is why the country is even referred to as a boater’s paradise. Do you too want to try this boating adventure in your Thailand vacation? Do you want to know some of the best boating destinations to choose form in Thailand? If yes, then we have already done the research work for you. Continue reading to know more!

1. Koh Hae

Koh Hae is one amazing island which is pretty popular for its beautiful beach that is surrounded by an equally stunning reef. Koh Hae island is also commonly known as ‘Coral Island’. This day trip island is one of the easiest islands to reach from Phuket. So, if you are someone who is new to Thailand or is on their first ever vacation to the country, then this island is going to be best for boating. However, if what you are seeking is complete solitude, then you may want to look for some other option. All in all, Koh Hae is worth-it.

2. Koh Phi Phi

Located off of Phi Phi and Koh Phi Phi is a very popular boating destination. The place got recognised internationally since it got featured in a famous film. The Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach’ from the late 1990s was shot here and it even features the Pileh Lagoon which is another popular swimming destination. Owing it to its immense popularity, most of the people who are interested in boating, love to visit Koh Phi Phi. So, if you too are planning to go for a boating adventure to Koh Phi Phi, then be ready to expect huge crowds of super excited people.

3. Koh Samui

It is the visual natural beauty of the island which is the reason behind the dramatic increase in its popularity. Surrounded by a chain of swaying and soothing palm trees, this island is a pure treat for the eyes. Most of the tourists love to come to this island, in order to enjoy the reggae and blues of the local establishment. However, in case you want to escape the clouds, you can boat towards the tranquil southern tip.

With a stunning coastline that stretches over thousands of miles, hundreds of beautiful islands and bordering two turquoise seas, there are a plethora of opportunities for you to indulge in a wonderful boating adventure in the gorgeous country of Thailand.

Sightseeing In Thailand

Thailand, the name itself is enough to give rise to a persistent ringing of a never-ending excitement in your ears and a desire of a happening vacation in your heart. So, if you are planning a Thailand vacation and are worried whether the place has enough sightseeing attraction, then worry no longer. Thailand is a beautiful place with loads of amazing attractions to see and many exciting things to do.

Whether you talk about wandering in the beautiful capital city Bangkok or enjoying the mesmerising beauty of Pattaya or having fun in the happening island hopping tours of Phuket, when in Thailand almost everything and anything is pure fun. If you want to know some of the best Thailand sightseeing attractions which you shouldn’t miss visiting, then continue reading as we have already shortlisted some of the top one’s for you.

1. Wat Pho

Wat Pho is one of the most popular sightseeing attraction in Thailand, located in the capital city of Bangkok. Housing a 15 meters high and 46 meters long statue of reclining Buddha covered all in golden leaf, the temple is also known by the name of Temple of the Reclining Buddha. With its huge complex, several long corridors, beautiful statues, stupas and lush green gardens, Wat Pho is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Bangkok. Situated right beside the Grand Palace, it takes only a short walk from the Grand Palace to reach Wat Pho. Therefore, if you begin one of your vacation days earlier, you can even combine both Grand Palace as well as Wat Pho temple together and save some time too.

2. Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

If you are in time for this party, then you must definitely not miss visiting it. Other than the general sightseeing spree, when in Thailand you need to take an unexpected turn. No matter whether you are a party animal or not but this party is surely going to be a memorable and fun experience for most of you. You might have visited the famous Koh Phangan beach during the day, but it totally changes once the sun sets down. Packed with tourists dancing from all over the world, fully stocked with drinks and music playing like crazy, the Koh Phangan full moon party allows you to have a carefree night.

3. Floating Market

Thailand is a home to a number of amazing markets where the hidden shopaholic in you can do bargaining with the vendors and shop the things you like. However, this is not all. When in Thailand, this fun doubles as the place is known to house some fantastic floating markets. You can enjoy shopping fresh local fruits, pretty souvenirs and can even enjoy a delicious meal belonging to authentic Thai cuisine on a floating restaurant in the floating markets sailing in gorgeous boats near the charming city of Bangkok.

If reading about these place heightens your curiosity and excitement, then wait no more and visit them yourself!

Thailand Adventure Guide

Thailand is a booming vacation destination among people these days. No matter whether you are a party animal, a knowledge seeker, an explorer, a wanderlust soul or an adventurer by heart, Thailand will prove to be the perfect holiday spot for you. Are you someone who doesn’t like a regular vacation which comprises of sightseeing, partying or relaxing in hotel room? Do you want to add some thrill and adventure to spice up your otherwise dull vacation? If yes, then don’t worry because Thailand will surely not disappoint you.

The place hosts a series of amazing adventure sports for you. All in all, Thailand is an exciting place which has good of both the worlds, be it the party or adventure world. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro level adventure enthusiast, there are a variety of thrilling sports for you. Do you also want to include this thrilling element in your Thailand vacation? If yes, then, don’t worry you don’t have to do much hard work in research because we have already done the work for you. Here are some of the top adventure activities which you must definitely try in Thailand!.

1. Trekking

Thailand allows you to enjoy some really adventurous treks. Don’t worry, even if you are a beginner a pro, in either case you won’t feel left out. Thailand has everything ranging from easy trekking trails to strenuous paths, each of which feature a different difficulty level.

Moreover, in order to keep the excitement level in the trek intact, the trails take you to walk through a lush green cover of dense vegetation and thick tropical forests. All these natural beauties act as bonuses which you get to admire and enjoy on overcoming the hurdles on your path while trekking. However, the breath-taking panoramic views all along allow you to discover the raw and bare nature of Thailand too.

2. Skydiving

Have you ever dreamt of flying in the sky or of free falling from the sky? If yes, then probably you are an adventure junkie by heart and skydiving would surely be an appropriate experience for you. It will make you feel the crazy rush of excitement right down till your core. Housing stunning tropical beaches, spiritual temples and even magnificent royal palaces, skydiving in Thailand is a fun of another level. There are many amazing spots in the country which provide a fantastic skydiving experience.

3. Zip Lining

Zip lining is another exciting adventure activity which you get to experience in Thailand. Ranging from the sea to the sky, this thrilling activity will take you through the canopies of the Chiang Mai rainforests. In this activity, you will get to ride in a single person swing and cruise a cable suspended through the 1500 - year old Thai rainforest. In short, it is a completely thrilling experience.

While indulging in these adventures you get to see natural beauty of Thailand from up close. Have an adventurous and safe vacation!

Snorkelling in Thailand

As soon as you think about going to Thailand for a vacation, the mere though of it evokes an amazing beach holiday. When you are at a beach, it is not just about enjoying the serene views, sunbathing, relaxing or romantic strolls. Being at a beach, you also get a chance to indulge in some exciting water sports. However, when you are on a stunning beach in this beautiful Southeast Asian country, then one water sport which you must definitely try is snorkelling. It is a truly blissful, breath taking and thrilling experience which will let you experience the crazy adrenaline rush and at the same allow you to explore the mesmerising underwater world. Do you wish to know some of the best places in Thailand where you get a top-class snorkelling experience? If yes, then don’t worry as we have already done the major work for you. Here is a list of some of the best snorkelling spots in Thailand.

1. Ao Mae Yai Bay, Koh Surin Nuea

The five spectacular islands which form the Surin Neaue, other than their stunning natural beauty are also pretty popular as one of the best snorkelling sites in the whole Andaman Sea. No matter whether you talk about the beaches or the surrounding coastlines, everything is pretty clean, pristine and crystal clear. Moreover, the place is even blessed with abundant wildlife, both in and out of water. Though you can try snorkelling in any of the bays in the Surin Islands, but Ao Mae Yai Bay is the best out of the lot. It offers the most striking varieties of colourful corals and a diverse range of marine life including even the notorious clownfish.

2. Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Tao

Formed out of three different islands, Koh Nang Yuan is located just off the northeast tip of the stunning Koh Tao. All of these islands are interconnected with each other through an exotic gleaming white sandbar. The thing which makes them even further special for snorkelling is the intricate formation of coral reefs in and around the island. Since these corallines are well protected and relatively shallow, they make the snorkelling experience even better. By getting a chance to try snorkelling here, you literally get a whole new world and an underwater treasure to explore.

3. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi

Rising to an international fame, after Leonardo DiCaprio featured Maya Bay in his film ‘The Beach’, the island is pretty famous for snorkelling. Soon after 1999 when the movie was filmed. The popularity of the place has boomed dramatically and the place has literally turned into a Mecca for snorkellers. Surrounded by towering cliffs from all three sides, almost the whole beach is made up of coral reefs and the central stretch of beach spans over to 200 meters long. What more could you want for a fantastic snorkelling experience?

No matter whether you know swimming or not, as long as you are comfortable with water, snorkelling will be fun for you!

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