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Cheap & Best Mauritius Honeymoon Packages:

Enjoy mauritius honeymoon packages from india at best price. Call +91 - 7838398058 for booking Mauritius Holiday packages for you and the family. You can also book Best Mauritius Tour Packages, cheapest honeymoon trip packages for Mauritius , Budget Honeymoon packages in Mauritius for couples from any Indian city such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai and Kerala.

Mauritius Honeymoon Gateway
Rs. 55,500/-

06 Nights | 07 Days

Upon arrival at Mauritius proceed towards hotel and check-in at Hotel. Relax and rest time at leisure. Dinner and night at hotel.

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Hot Deals
Tops Island for the Honeymoon
Rs. 56,999/-

06 Nights | 07 Days

Arrive at Mauritius and then transfer to hotel. Check in enjoy all night long stay at hotel.

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Mauritius with Unlimited Romance
Rs. 57,999/-

06 Nights | 07 Days

Arrive at Mauritius. Transfer to hotel. Dinner and all night long stay at hotel.

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Mauritius Honeymoon Special ( Value for Money)
Rs. 59,999/-

06 Nights | 07 Days

Arrive at Mauritius. Transfer to hotel. Dinner and night stay at hotel.

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Explore the world in one island with Mauritius Honeymoon packages

Mauritius, the land of crystal clear blue waters and white sands, palm and coconut trees, world’s most luxurious resorts and spas and tranquility, has something magical that attract honeymooners towards tropical paradise of islands and cool and calm sea waves. Greenery and some wonderful attractions as well as its cities are also wonderful to keep you busy. Planning for Mauritius honeymoon packages is certainly a beautiful gift for your better half. We at Smart Holiday Shop fulfill your requirement for wonderful holidays in Mauritius.

Some Good Reasons to Book Mauritius Honeymoon Packages from Smart Holiday Shop

Our main motive is to let you have fund and pleasure in the way you like most. We offer you flexible payment methods and provide you support for memorable honeymoon.

How much will it cost for 7 day trip to Mauritius?

Mauritius with its holiday attractions, mesmerising calm beaches, landscapes entertainment parks waters corals comforts and water sports, is an entire package. Consequently, if you get a opportunity to see with this location, grab the chance or miss it. The traveling packages for Mauritius for approximately 7 days start from Rs. 63,500 and proceed up till Rs.1,07,500. Though cost may vary due to change from the type of lodging in but is pleasure you get to remain.

You get to enjoy world class solutions, remain in lodging, adventure natural beauty receive a unforgettable experience in far more and beaches.

You have to invest a leisure time. At these days, the guests get to enjoy to Ile Aux Cerfs that's an lagoon on the east shore for exploring both North Island and South Island, and get two times

HIs Mauritius good for honeymooners?

Honeymoon holds a particular significance in the life span of a couple and they would like it to be a magical encounter in a location that is ideal. We are not exaggerating when we inform you that Mauritius is a honeymoon destination that is perfect. After all, the area boasts of having scenic scenes beaches, luxury resorts, a weather and plenty of areas to explore. Mauritius comes beneath a budget without burning a hole in your pocket, so have fun.

Need to understand why Mauritius is ideal for your honeymoon the location homes some beaches that are wonderful. Whether you would like to surprise your spouse simply walk around holding hands, try some water sports or simply relax from sunlight along with your beloved one's glory, Mauritius shores will place up that disposition. Mauritius can help you tremendously inside. Being bombarded at rates that are fair, Mauritius is nothing less than a shopping heaven. Enjoy some shopping !

Which area is a honeymoon destination - Maldives or even Mauritius?

It elicits a picture of destinations sprinkled with rich heritage culture and jungles when speaking about Mauritius. At this location, there's not any dearth of actions. When speaking about the island nation of Maldives, located off the coast of Sri Lanka, this area is all about appreciating the very best of their food and water globe. With its multiple beaches water and property that is enormous, the life in Maldives is a little that turns out to be idle for people who are searching for areas that are busy. Even though a little however, Maldives' attractiveness is incomparable.

When it comes to pick between Mauritius and Maldives to their honeymoon destinations frequently people stay in a problem. In the end, it isn't simple once you need to select between the shores, adventure sports, relaxing resorts, luxury hotels and seas of Maldives and Mauritius. The towns have a great deal in differences placing them! Thus, select! Which area is a honeymoon destination - Maldives or even Mauritius?

Adventure Park Mauritius Activities

Adventure is something which makes you feel alive. It sends such adrenaline rush down your veins, that you can live in the moment carefreely and enjoy it. Are you also an adventure lover by heart who craves to feel that addictive rush and thrill? If yes, then make sure that on your next vacation, you go to a destination which allows you to have complete fun and adventure.

Mauritius is one such amazing vacation place. It will allow you to feel the rush and the thrill which will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. Want to know what all adventurous activities you can do in Mauritius? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we have shortlisted some of the best ones for you. Continue reading to know more!.

1. Scuba Scoot

All the water babies out there, do you want to go on an amazing adventure and explore the beautiful world that lies beneath those calm waves. In scuba diving, you get to explore this new world. However, scuba scoot takes this experience even a step higher. In this adventure, you get to scoot over the coral reefs and get the chance of having a closer look at the tropical fishes, that too without facing any great danger. You are allowed to go down only about 2 3 meters and have plenty of air to breathe underwater too. Still, if you feel any trouble, there is a guide with you all the time.

2. Quad Biking

If you know driving, then quad biking is a worth trying adventure sport for you. Though it is a bit troublesome than driving a scooter since it is a four-wheeler but once you get the knack of it, the whole process becomes a lot more fun. You get to practice quad biking in nature reserves, waterfalls or sugar cane plantations too. There you get to feel the thrill and at the same time enjoy all the mesmerising views all around. You have an all-time guide in this exhilarating ride too, so don’t be scared anytime!.

3. Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is an exceptional exciting experience once you get to learn it. If you are a complete beginner, then there is a fair number of things you need to learn before actually setting foot in the water. So, you must book at least some lessons before you think of standing up on the board without falling down. This sport is really pretty difficult than it actually appears. Controlling the kite in the air while being in water is actually no game. In the beginning attempts, you will get dragged into the water a lot but the bottom line is that you will have loads of fun doing it.

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